How coliving is creating better living experiences

April 17, 2020

Coliving has recently gained a lot of traction and multiple coliving operators have risen as a result. Nevertheless, it is not clear for everyone what coliving exactly is and the term has different meanings for people. Therefore, we would like to explain what coliving is.

What is coliving?

Coliving is much more than simply renting a home with access to shared spaces. We believe it can be a new way of living and we like to describe this new lifestyle based on the 4 key pillars of coliving: Community, Design, Value and Convenience.


Coliving gives residents access to a build-in community with different themed shared spaces and community events. Whether that is watching a football game in the event room or doing a relaxing yoga session on the rooftop. Depending on the size of the coliving operator, the community not only consists of the residents who live in the building, but also consists of residents who live in other coliving properties.


Purpose-build coliving properties are different than traditional multi-family apartments.  The two biggest differences are that coliving properties have smaller private units and more shared spaces, which makes coliving a more affordable option. Not all coliving properties are the same. In some coliving properties, residents have a private unit with their own kitchen and bathroom, while in other coliving properties residents only have a private bedroom and share a kitchen and bathroom. A mix of both is also possible. The shared spaces could for example consist of a lobby, living room, rooftop, garden, event room, gaming room, swimming pool, and whatever else you can imagine.


The demand for affordable housing in large cities is at a record high. Housing prices continue to rise with the lack of affordable alternatives clearly visible. Coliving provides high quality housing at an affordable price. How?

1. Private units are relatively small, but members gain access to multiple shared spaces they would normally never be able to afford.
2. Coliving operators aggregate the demands from its residents and negotiates better deals with suppliers. For example, most coliving residents enjoy cheaper Wi-Fi and utility bills.


Most coliving operators provide their residents with an all-inclusive living environment where residents pay a single monthly price for rent, Wi-Fi, furniture and utilities. A mix is also possible. On top of that, residents benefit from a wide range of services, such as room cleaning, weekly housekeeping and renting a bike or car.

Who is coliving for?

Coliving is for people who understand the power of sharing, who place experiences above ownership, who see themselves as part of a bigger community and above everything understand that you are able to achieve more together than alone.

We are also keen to know how you feel about coliving and what coliving should look like according to you! Please let us know by sending us an e-mail to