About us

INSYNC creates better living experiences at a better price


To bring accessible, reliable and inspirational housing to our generation

Cities are growing rapidly and they continue to be a popular place for millennials. But living in the city comes with several challenges. When you are new in a city, it will take time until you are properly settled. Especially creating the right balance between your work, social life and physical health is a big challenge for most of us. A key contributor to having a well-balanced life is the place where people spend most of their time, their home. This is why we, INSYNC, want to facilitate a living environment where members can be in-sync with each other, the city, and themselves.

It is our mission to bring accessible, reliable, and inspirational housing to our generation. Living at INSYNC does not limit itself to simply renting an apartment, but gives access to a vibrant community, shared spaces, and convenient services. Our community-based living concept arrived from our own experiences as young professionals in the city.

Our values


We are our target group. We understand the challenges urban millennials face as no other. We know what drives them and what their needs are. Therefore, we are in the right position to know how to offer them the best experience.


Hit and run? Not our thing. We stand behind our purpose and want to live up to our promise of providing a unique living environment for our generation. We ensure this by staying long-term committed to our locations.


We believe building trust with our partners and members is crucial for achieving our goals. We are determined to set realistic expectations from the start and keep all parties involved along the way.


We have to be bold to achieve our goals. Where others stop or give up, we go on to ultimately achieve our goal of providing accessible, reliable and inspirational housing to our generation.

The team

Justin Wedekind

Co-Founder | Business Development

David Wiegel

Co-Founder | Finance & Operations

Tobias Kreuger

Co-founder | Product & Marketing