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Affordable rental apartments with access to a vibrant community, shared amenities and convenient services. At a price that does not feel like a sacrifice.


Embrace a new way of living

INSYNC Living provides affordable housing to young professionals in Dutch cities. We offer a form of coliving where members pay a single price for an apartment with access to communal areas and a build-in community. In all our properties we strive to create a healthy living environment in which our members have access to the right infrastructure to live a well-balanced life.

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Rediscover what your city has to offer

INSYNC Social is a membership program that provides our members a cultural, physical and social way of living. INSYNC Social takes place inside and around our properties. The best thing of it all: you don't have to live in our properties to become a member.

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Technology to make your life easier

We want you to spend your time on the things you care about most. That is why we offer you an all-inclusive living environment with on-demand services only one click away.

Redesign your life with our on-demand services.
Connect with other members with shared interests.
Join or organise events with other INSYNC members.
Benefit from local discounts in your neighbourhood.

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